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In order to trade binary options with success you first need to understand what Technical analysis of the market involves, You need to learn how to use charting solutions effectively as it will be a big part in trading binary options profitably, in this section you have visual access to various techniques most commonly used everyday by the protraders.

Learning these techniques is quite easy, it just takes a little time and effort,  everything is made available to you within the charting platform and the ones ive recommended on my CHARTS and GRAPHS page are very user friendly;-)

***just click on the chart to enlarge it***


AUD/USD (multiple support and resistance levels)

image001 (2)

USD/CAD (Fibonacci retrace)

image001 (3)

USD/CHF (support and ressistance)

image001 (4)

GBP/USD (support and resistance transition)




As you can see its pretty obvious what is going on in these charts.  The green lines are levels of support while the Red lines are Resistance levels.

If you would like to see how I implement these strategies in more detail, check out my DOUBLE PROFIT TUTORIAL. 





  1. Hello there! Thanks for this useful Info. By the way, I hear lots of ppleoe keep on talking about Binary option alliance, I’m sure you have noticed the increase in popularity..What you guys are offering is really good!. I was actually refereed to your site by a co-worker who is making a second income from trading options which is ultimately what I want so I look forward to learning more from your website.

    • Hi Delfi.
      Thats great to hear! Learning everything you can about binary options is a good place to start, you have the right attitude. Ultimately you want to learn how trade on your own so your not relying on anyone else or anything else to make you money, and that’s what I’m teaching. The financial returns possible in this industry are far greater than most and its nice that binary options has made trading on financial markets accessible to most people with an internet connection.
      Look forward to following your progress Delfi

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