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Imagine a future where . . . You live in the house of your dreams. You dine at the best restaurants in town. You take long expensive luxurious holidays. Your family’s future is financially secure and you certainly don’t need to waste your time with a 9-5 job because money is abundant. Does that sound good?


Well trading can give you all this and more, but it doesn’t come easily. Yes, I hate to say it, but if you sincerely want to “make it” in the world of trading then you will have to learn to think and act like a professional trader. There’s really no other way around it. I know the sales pages of those robots scams, trade copiers and magical indicators are tempting but let’s just get real for a moment. The vast majority of the successful traders I’ve met did it by learning how to read the markets.

They learned how to interpret price action. They had a plan (a trading edge) that worked and they stuck to it until they got the results they desired.
I trade when I have a high probability of winning and I sit back and watch the market when the probability does not fall in my favour. I treat every trade like my life depends on it. I am not a gambler. The markets are not my casino. This is my business. Risks are calculated and managed. Discipline is required. I know that becoming wildly successful at anything isn’t necessarily easy, but it is worth it.


Still interested in Trading software?

If you are interested in trading software -there is one product that I will endorse and that is Semi Auto Signals



Semi Auto Signals is a high performing signal service and offers an accuracy of rate of 72% . Used Correctly Semi Auto Signals can generate an even higher ITM rate and it is certainty easy to maximize your profitability with this trend indicator. Semi Auto Signals  has grown in popularity very quickly as it offers traders one of a kind semi automated trading analysis that does not force traders into positions without their approval. Semi Auto Signals supplies a multitude of signals  and fully user custom trading amounts for multiple assets in Real Time time with exceptionally high accuracy.




How to use Semi Auto Signals to generate 92%+ ITM


There are a few things to consider while trading with Semi Auto Signals if you are wanting to optimise the software and filter out the signals that have a lower probability of being profitable.

1. News releases- always check the latest news releases on either or on the economic calender which can be accessed via my RESOURCES page here.

2. A.D.R- Average daily range- which is the average amount of points/pips the market moves on a daily basis. (in order to calculate whether or not the market has room to move up or down)

3. A.T.R- Average true range- which is calculated by assessing how much the market has moved in the last 4-5 hours (in order to give an idea of how much the market will move in the next couple of hours)

4. Swing symmetry- swing symmetry is basically the amount of pips/points the market moved during its most recent swing,( most recent high-most recent low) this will also give you a general idea of what sort of time frame you should be trading in.

5. Trade between 5;45 am-7;45 am EST or 9;45 am-11;45 am GMT- this is the time when the markets tend to behave in their most Uniform nature, therefore they are more predictable. Look for western chart patterns such as ascending triangles/descending triangles to position yourself correctly into a trade.



Interested to know more about these trading terms and how to trade profitably using SemiAutoSignals?

Stay tuned by subscribing to my blog, I will be reviewing SemiAutoSignals in greater detail and explaining the techniques used for analysis of the market  as well as going into more detail about the terms

A.D.R (average daily range)

Swing Symmetry

 A.T.R (average true range)- 

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  1. Trading sounds so scary to me. But it really sounds like a great way to make extra money. Thanks for all the tips.

    • Dean

      November 13, 2014 at 2:23 pm

      Hi Wendy, You’re velcome, Binary Options are a great way to make extra $cash$ and even replace your income or make a second income, it takes time and effort to learn but if you think about it the reward, its a small price to pay for financial freedom. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Forex trading has been sparking my interest lately, but this semi auto signals is more of a tool then what I expected.

    After reading more on this, it seems quite helpful to have this. Without it you would be doing a lot of work on your own. Obviously putting yourself at higher risk of losing.

    Following guidelines is always important, even with software. So you are right to say you shouldn’t rely only on semi auto signals. Having rules like your own in combination with semi auto signals can be highly profitable.

    Glad I came across this article. Thank you so much!

  3. Having been in the trading world I can agree that there are no magic ways to know exactly what will happen. But this system sounds as if it could help you out tremendously. I may have to look more into it! Thanks!

    • Dean

      November 10, 2014 at 2:27 pm

      Magic does exist Kirsty, you just gotta know the right spell and wave your wand the right way;) If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to help out in my free time, you know where to find me!

  4. Very interesting, I’m not into trading at all. I always thought it was like gambling. You made some valid points why it’s not like gambling. I see a lot of products out there about trading. I’ve also read how people can’t get their money out. How can you tell a good trading site from a bad one? Would love your opinion. Thanks!

  5. Dean

    November 8, 2014 at 10:27 am

    Hi Evelyn

    Yes there are a great deal of products for trading, therefore its important to do research, and with a few Google searches you can learn to spot a scam a mile away.
    There are a number of resources you can refer to as-well, like my Blacklist for example, where I’ve made a list of about 17 scams in the binary options arena.

    In the case where people haven’t been able to withdrawal, its usually because they’ve registered with brokers that are not regulated, with binary option being such a lucrative industry- new brokers are popping up left, right and centre, so always go with a well known broker! Another common reason people are unable to withdrawal their funds is because THEY DID NOT READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS and they accepted a bonus- Bonuses are good for and bad for various reasons- Often traders will have to trade a volume 30 times the amount of value of the bonus, before they can make a withdrawal- its written in black and white.
    However, you can use this to your advantage tho- I’ll explain this in greater detail in an upcoming post. #staytuned#

    In regards to identifying a good trading site from a bad trading site- its not so much the trading sites you need to cautious of- Its the actual Brokers that are the cause of so much frustration. They all use very similar technology providers, such as spot option-which is a binary option platform provider, so the only real way to discern a good trading site from a bad one is to research the brokerages. A simple keyword search like “global trader 365 scam” will provide you with pages of information about people who have issued complaints against the brokerage.

    I only recommend brokers that I trade with personally, and have made withdrawals from. Ill be surprised if you can find a bad report about any of the brokers I am recommending, if you do, ill be happy to look into it;-)

    With my recent profits I have opened accounts with some reputable brokers, so that I can test them out and see if they are worth recommending. Its really the only way I can tell for myself if they are legitimate. Hopefully all goes well and ill be able to add them to my recommended brokers list. Time will tell..

    Thanks for your comment Evelyn. Excellent question, keep em coming;-P!


  6. Dean, i hardly make comment but your site has unique info and lots of sincerity. I have been fiddling with binary options for some years with no success, although i am adding more knowledge daily and soon i will start having positive ITM.

    Continuous research is quite a necessity. Like you rightly said, “Magic does exist , you just gotta know the right spell and wave your wand the right way”. I have personally experienced it once with a novice strategy i used . And i know guys who are using this “magic wands” almost constantly, but it took them time and discipline to reach there.

    Great site. I will be visiting.

    • Hi Peter, Thanks for your support!

      Its sounds to me like you are quite close to profiting, a small shift in mindset can make huge difference and you could be handling your account like a top level trader, here’s what I think could be happening.
      Overtrading. I used to trade as much as I could, where ever I could, in whatever market market was open. I would force myself into trades that were risky, just for the sake of “being in the market”. We are traders- so we always want to be in the market and well what changed my style was after discussing it with my mentor, he sent me an email about over-trading and how its killing traders profits. He told me to stop trading everyday and to only trade when there was a drop dead obvious setup. Makes sense?
      Now, I place trades with confidence- because I have a “System” in place, .. sure I don’t win all my trades but I win enough to be profitable month after month. Have a read of I discuss a bit on how to handle your trading account.

      Happy to be of service Peter.

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