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I have an observation for you . . .
trading observation

Sometimes I get emails from people who are drawn to trading because they need a way out.

They’re attracted to it because they either hate their day job or need money or just want an easier life.

These people do succeed sometimes . . .

But most often they find it hard to stay on track.

Their journey is usually derailed before they reach their end goals.


Their desperate need to achieve the end result clouds their judgement.

It makes them jump from strategy to strategy.

These traders succumb more easily to the lure of easier/more profitable methods that ultimately pull them further and further off course when they don’t work out.

But trust me on this . . . .

Short cuts are the enemy!  

The traders who always seem to do really well are the ones who love it.

That’s right, the traders who actually enjoy the process of trading.

They enjoy learning about the markets.

They enjoy performing technical analysis.

Sure, they have bad days.

Sometimes they have REALLY bad days!

But overall there is something in them that LOVES being in the markets.

It’s in their blood.

And this is why they ALWAYS rise to the top.

I can usually spot these traders a mile away.

They tend to be the ones who work hard and long for the results they desire.

Essentially, they’re like me.

They love learning, reading the market and honing their skills.

Which camp do you fall into?

Are you here just for the cash?

Or are you here to make the markets your own personal playground?

If you’re here just for the cash I recommend you try to adjust your attitude a little.

When your focus is the almighty dollar, you can end up losing the game.

Your focus shouldn’t be money, it should be to become the best trader you can possibly be.  

The money flows AFTER that.   

Make sense?      

And as always . . . I’m here to help you become a better trader (if you need me?).

#Thanks for tuning in.
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  1. Interesting observation Dean, so true too. I’m no trader, but I have learnt a lot about options trading over the years. I am one of those starters who got struck by the ‘paralysis by analysis’ syndrome. As a result I’ve never actually done a live trade, as it’s difficult to know what you’re doing when you start out!

    I think it’d be a lot easier if I had a detailed system to follow – in fact I’d almost say it is a must for those beginning, just so they don’t fall into the traps that you mentioned of jumping from strategy to strategy..

    • Dean

      November 13, 2014 at 1:45 am

      Glad you mention “paralysis by analysis” Jolie, it can be very daunting for new investors to take the first step and participate in the markets with their own capital, with good reason of course. Its one hell of a playground out there. However trading is one of the only jobs out there where you can work only a couple of hours a week and pull in a months income. The rewards outweigh the risks tenfold.

  2. Nice site you have put allot of great work and info in it. Awesome work so far !

  3. As always, knowledge is power, and focus makes you king.

  4. Excellent article, Dean. Really full of wisdom. I have met some people who begin trading with the hope of getting rich soon. They begin to try this strategy and that one and end up losing the few bucks they had at the beginning. Some people generate income through trading but it requires patience, training and perseverance.

    • Dean

      November 13, 2014 at 2:07 am

      Thanks for your kind words Hilda, consistency does play a big part in being successful at most things, and trading is no different.

  5. Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post. It was inspiring.Keep on posting!

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