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Can you make a living from trading?

A subscriber asks:

“Is it possible to make a living from trading?”


This is a question I get quite often . . . here’s my response:


Yes it is possible, but this is not what you should set out to achieve straight off the bat.


The key to becoming a full time trader is patience and emotionless trading, so start out by aiming to make a small profit.


That is all.


Just a small profit from month to month, trading amounts that you can afford to lose.


By trying to make a living you are going to be pushing your finances to the limit and this is when emotion creeps in and destroys your ability to think clearly.


You see, trading should be reasoned investment. Emotionless.


If you have too much emotion tied up in the trades it becomes very difficult not to adopt a gambling mentality (staying in a trade that you should have exited because you want to make more money, doubling up to recoup losses, etc.)


It is best to imagine yourself employed to look after this money. You get no bonuses on profit but you could lose your job if you lose money. Then you will take quicker profits.

In the long term, after you have been successful at this for a while your trading fund will be considerably larger than when you started and you can think about taking bigger risks and bigger profits.


It all has to happen one step at a time.


I can’t promise it’ll all be plain sailing, but through education you can become successful and its a system  that  is PROVEN to work.

trading education.

Eventually, You will get  where you need to be.

“If you take enough steps, in the end you’ll make it.”- Børge Ousland (while trekking to the north pole)

I am here to help, I can only do my best to help people achieve the  goals they set for themselves, I try keep it simple as possible.

trading education-quotes-albert-einstein

I want to help you become a successful trader, but you have to make the first move.

You know where to find me.



  1. Nice Post Dean, “if you can’t explain it simply- then you don’t understand it well enough”

    I really want to start learning more about binary options, i’m hearing more and more about them and I don’t want to miss out on something good, where should I start? Also do you do one on one training?

    • Dean

      November 25, 2014 at 3:18 am

      Hello John, thanks for your comment;)
      Binary options are easy to learn about, trading binary options is the slightly tricky part. Yes, Binary options is a growing industry so your bound to come across it more and more.

      Do I offer one on one training? Yes I do, I have a full house of students at present, all at different levels when it comes to their trading abilities. So in order for me to help you I need to know where you’re at. Have you had any trading experience?
      I suggest if you’ve never traded before, you should trade on a Demo Account first, Heres a link FREE DEMO TRADING

  2. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems
    as like you have a natural talent at teaching.
    You obviously know what youre talking about, and the content in unique.
    I really enjoy coming to your site just to observe your intelligence.
    Thank you for giving us newbies something enlightening to read.

    XX Shaani XX

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