I often get emails from traders who are struggling.

They come across me on the web and email me asking for advice.

Sometimes they’re making huge losses and sometimes they’re breaking even.

Either way, there’s no real profit in sight.

This post is aimed at the guys who are breaking even.

There are some traders out there who “get it.”

By that, I mean they’ve learned everything about their chosen style of trading.

They have a system to follow.

They’re being disciplined and doing their analysis fully.

But . . .

For some reason they’re only breaking even.

Well, the chances are good that it’s a case of over-trading.

If you’re breaking even then you must be doing something right.

In fact, you’re probably just a few small tweaks away from success.

Let’s face it . . .

Nobody wants to spend a load of time doing technical analysis only to decide that the set ups aren’t there and they have to call it a ‘no-trade’ day.

That feels like wasted work.

We WANT to trade.

Even the most disciplined trader wants to trade.

But . . .

If you have a good strategy AND you’re still only breaking even . . . it’s likely you are finding trades where the set ups are less than perfect.

The solution?

Try only taking trades where the set ups are drop-dead stupid obvious.

By that I mean, where the set ups look so good you’re literally salivating as you check your various confirmations.

In fact, make a check list of what elements need to be present before you enter a trade.

Try it out for a while, record the results and see what happens.

I’m betting that you’ll increase your wins and cut your losses.


Because that’s how I’ve been successful at trading.

The market ALONE dictates my decisions.

If you want to see my strategy in action, you know where to look.

Happy Trading.

sign off