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Predator or Prey. Which are you?‏

After a while hanging around the Binary Options market and the people it attracts you see two distinct types of people emerge.

You have the predator and you have the prey.

The predators are the guys who commit to a proven system and don’t give up after a few loses.

These guys learn from their mistakes, refine their approach and keep their eye on the prize.

These guys are hunting out profits daily.

Just like an experienced hunter in the African jungle, they  . . .

Choose their spot.

Choose their target.

Adjust for the wind and other outside influences.  

Line up their target.

And . . . when the time is right . . . they EXECUTE.

Do they get a direct hit every time?

No they don’t, but that doesn’t matter. They score a hit enough times to be considered the predator and not the prey.

Who are the prey?

These are the traders who are taking trades on hunches.

Jumping between systems and methods.

Letting emotions rule their analytical process.

The markets will chew these guys up like a lion on a gazelle.

Which one are you?

Which would you like to be?

I’m here to help if you need me.

Happy Trading

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  1. Wow, this post really enlightened me. I have been looking at things the wrong way.. You shared a lot of wisdom in this post, much appreciated!

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