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Michael Freeman’s Affiliate Marketing School Review

Is Michael Freeman’s Affiliate marketing school a scam?

michael freemans affiliate marketing school


Well for starters who is Michael Freeman? Michael Freeman is a Internet Marketer.

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Should we trust Michael Freeman and enrol in his affiliate marketing school?

With the unveiling of the new service expected to be any day now, many people are interested to see if Michaels affiliate marketing school is a service worth paying for. There was suspicion over whether or not Michael Freeman is a credible source of reliable information and services with a couple of  complaints popping up about his services on a few websites. This however, could be the competition attempting to tarnish his reputation or some one with a personal vendetta against him.


 A honest review of Michael Freeman’s previous services

Michael Freeman released a few products last year, one was a signal service for binary options. The signal service was the first of its kind, allowing traders to be profitable using various strategies that are available to learn online, Unfortunately for users it was discontinued by the group mailing service email dodo for a breach of dodo’s terms of agreement. Michael freeman also released an Auto trading robot for binary option traders. There may have been a few complaints that surfaced from people who lost money with Mikes auto trader, but overall it is not a “scam” and quite a few people are making money with it.  Hopefully by shedding some light on his previous services you will be able to come to a conclusion whether or not his affiliate marketing school is for you.

Michael Freeman is a very successful affiliate marketer who’s private mentoring service should be available soon at Michael Freeman’s affiliate marketing school should be a trustworthy and high quality service, If you disagree, or have any feedback regarding Michael or his services, Please! We encourage you to comment below.

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  1. Nothing is worse for me than watching good people waste their money on scams. Glad to see you are providing some decent reliable information on the options out there for people to choose from, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to check out the subject in your article. Always nice to get the truth before unloading your pockets. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi, you have shared some wise words here. There are lots of scammers online. One should not just sign-up, without first doing some research. Sure, Wealthy Affiliate is the only true online affiliate program that I have seen so far.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for bringing these affiliate marketing schools to our attention.I had looked at joining wealthy affiliate briefly when searching for opportunities. Glad I did! Since then I joined Wealthy Affiliate and haven’t looked back!


  5. Hello,
    I don’t think Michael is going to be releasing his affiliate marketing school program. He has the website up but there is no content! Maybe its a project in the pipeline, should be good if/when it kicks off and hopefully its not too expensive. Wealthy Affiliate is still the best out there in my opinion, but its still good to keep an eye on what else is on the market.

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