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AI APP-Artificial Intelligence Review

AI APP- Artificial Intelligence App has cracked a key financial market trading code. If your looking for a mental adrenaline rush you should check out the AI APP Video.artificial intelligence app The Artificial Intelligence App is an extremely high production piece of trading software.


Technology is advancing at a amazing rate. How we live and how we earn money has completely changed in the last 50 years  and Artificial Intelligence or thinking and reasoning computers are at the heart of today’s technological advancements. With huge ships blasting off into space and satellites orbiting  and transmitting information into our homes, audio & videos is streamed right to your mobile phone, a phone that you can also do your banking on! We truly have seen the world transform before our eyes.

You may be wondering, how are people making millions in today’s word? Simple. Technology. Technology is a huge Industry, the advancements in computing power over the last few years has been phenomenal.  Just think about all the people and companies developing apps and programs with algorithms and coding them to do just about anything we can think of, artificial intelligence is now well within our grasp.

Siri from the Apple I phone is a great example of an artificial intelligence app and I use the App everyday to save time. Remember Time=Money, So thank you Siri- for saving me money, even if you gave me the wrong directions to IKEA last week, I still like you.

So what is the Artificial Intelligence APP? And why did I write a review on it?

Well honest truth be told, I signed up to the AI APP yesterday. I could not miss out on an opportunity on such a high production product.  A lot of money was clearly put into this project and I know a thing or two about scams online- just check out this list of scams, so I have decided I will be testing the Artificial Intelligence App for myself. So far so good;) If it doesn’t work ill let ya’ll know about it.

I woke up this morning expecting to see a million dollars in my account but no, haven’t made a million yet but I certainty haven’t lost money with the AI APP either.  If the AI APP works really well for me I’ll be able to buy that green and gold helicopter a lot sooner than expected. By the way, before you get your hopes up- You have probably missed out on your chance to sign up to the Artificial intelligence app- Only 100 spots were available,  I just told a few close friends about it before I launched this review (can’t have everyone running around with helicopters and private yachts) If diamonds were as common as coal they would be worthless.  Its a real matter of international security, you see -It would imbalance the worlds economies and turn peoples hard earned cash into monopoly money.

The AI APP would have to be developed by none other than a former rocket scientist and mathematician who is famous for his research into Artificial Intelligence- Dr. John Clark. Dr Clark has this to say on the release of his Artificial intelligence APP “When you make big money there’s a spotlight on you and for years the power establishment have been trying to destroy my credibility. ”  Which is quite similar to what happened to Nikola Tesla the Serbian American inventor.

The AI APP or Artificial Intelligence  app is definitely something different,  with a fresh new approach to trading- I look forward to seeing how well this Advanced Artificial Intelligence App trades on my newly opened Binary Option Account. I am a professional binary option trader and I will be able to tell very quickly if the AI APP is a profitable service, Like I said before-there is very little chance that the AIAPP still available so there’s no point for me to provide you with a link but I will anyway so you can watch the video because its a mental adrenaline rush!

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  1. Wow, I had no idea there was anyone else who knew about the artificial intelligence app yet, I also signed up a few hours a go by after doing some quick research I found this review.. I have never traded Binary Options before- Do you think the AI APP will work for me?

    Paula N

    • Dean

      March 16, 2015 at 5:29 pm

      Hi Paula, Yeah only a handfull of people knew about the AI APP yesterday,Everyone will want in today.. I let my subscribers know about it before I released the review.
      Even if you haven’t traded binary options before- Its one of the simplest forms of investing so you should be fine with the artificial intelligence app – Dont Panic!
      Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions regarding trading, also there is loads of educational material all around this site, just browse around. Option Trading Explained is a good place to start.


  2. Hi Dean,
    I was just doing some research into AI APP technologies and I found this review. Thanks for bringing some light to the matter- You weren’t kidding that video is a mental adrenaline rush. I will be back to your website for more! Keep it up!

    • Dean

      March 16, 2015 at 5:33 pm

      Hey Jacob, Thanks for your comment on the Artificial intelligence app. Hopefully it keeps producing profitable results for the people who got in quick. Ill see you around mate.

  3. I think Artificial Intelligence APP Good. First time, I used Artificial Intelligence APP, I analyzed and just $280 invests it. Now gives me more profit on Artificial Intelligence APP across my desire. The Artificial Intelligence APP give me 65%-80% profit till now. Nowadays, in only 1 day my profit is 865+. Has a great customer support also.

  4. Hi Dean,

    Any feedback on the use of the AI APP?


    • I have tested the AI APP extensively over the last few months and I have some mixed results..
      The AI APP generates accurate signals which are certainly profitable but unfortunately the ever-changing landscape that is the financial market causes even the best autotrading software to force traders into loosing trades consecutively often enough to wipeout an account.

      Being forced into loosing trades is not conducive to my money making habit so I developed my own AI APP, one that does not force me into loosing trades because I have designed my software to allow me to select and manually approve the signals before any position is taken into the market. I called it Semi Auto Signals and my team and I built it for our own personal use. Once my team and I have can guarantee an ITM rate over 85% it will be available through a monthy subscription.

      The AI APP was all the rage when it came out. It is still performing fairly well today, but the fact that it forces you into trades has me bailing out early. I dunno about you but I like to have control over my hard earned capital

      Thanks for your comment Chris

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