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Michael Freeman’s private signals group 

Mikes signals group

About Michael Freeman’s signals groupmikes facebook signals group

Michael Freeman’s private signals group is a private binary option trading group hosted by Michael Freeman himself. Michael’s signals group is one of the latest and greatest interface’s for trading binary options as it uses one of the most popular social networks, Facebook. As we all know, Facebook has revolutionised the way people connect with each other from all over the world and Michael Freeman has taken full advantage of this and is now providing excellent binary option signals via this Social Media Network.

Michael Freeman’s signals group is among one of the top performing signal service’s available on the market today.

The reason Mike’s facebook signals are so profitable is because Michael has employed professional traders to analyse the market and provide profitable signals for all members of his private signals group. These professional traders are market analysts who are capable of producing winning signals consistently, their names are Rohan, Aditya and Rene. Michael Freeman is also one of the traders that provides signals via his facebook signals group.

Michael freemans signals group

Michael Freeman has proved himself through trial and tribulation as a great binary options mentor and even though Mr. Freeman is Binary Option Alliance’s competition, it would be wrong to deny traders the opportunity to participate in of the most profitable binary option signal services of today. Michael Freeman has the resources and the knowledge to provide traders with very profitable signals and this is exactly what he is doing with his new signals group on facebook.

What results can I expect from Michael Freeman’s Private signals group?

binary option signalsMike’s signals group is not only a service where you can get profitable signals it is also a great community of traders who share their experiences and help each other become better traders. You can expect great results with Michael Freeman’s private signals, sometimes even as high as 15 consecutive wins in a row. (Well done Aditya!)

Why should I join Mike’s facebook signals?

Aside from the fact that you will be receiving great signals from professional traders and becoming a member of the great community, Michael Freeman offers great incentives to his members to trade profitably. For every trader that nails 15 trades in a row, according to the group rules, you earn $1000 immediately when you post your results. (All transaction fees will be covered by Michael) but wait, there more, execute 6 winning trades and post it to the group and you will earn $200 which will cover the amount most people deposit initially with a broker. Which is great, you won’t see any other signal service doing this. The reason that Mike is doing this, is to motivate his traders and members to produce excellent results and push them to succeed.

How do I join Michael Freeman signals group?

You can join Michael Freeman signals group by heading over to

Can I Trust Michael Freeman?

Take it from me, as professional binary options trader myself, I have come across scam after scam, just check out this list of scams. I can honestly say Michael Freeman’s private signals group is certainly a great project with great incentives. Personally I don’t use Michael Freeman’s facebook signals because I know how to trade. Trading is my passion. Its my bread and butter and the reason I get up in the morning so if you are looking to learn how to trade or if are looking to make an extra income by trading binary options, BOA Membership is now Open. If you are new to the binary options industry and are looking for a signal service, Mikes signal’s group will certainly help you along your path to becoming a professional, profitable trader.

Michael Freemans Private signals group

If you have any questions or comments regarding Michael Freeman and his private signal’s group please do not hesitate to comment below. People need honest information about services and products in the binary options industry, so please, if you have something to share please do so below. Thank you and Happy Trading.


  1. Michael Freeman’s Signals Group is the reason I am able to afford my new laptop for trading. After reading some reviews about Mike I decided to give his Facebook Signals a chance and I won 6 trades in a row, and it’s my first time trading binary options. I had been strugging with forex trading for month and I finally decided to give Binary a shot, Glad I did! I can’t wait for the next trading Session.

    • Hey Shaun, Great to see you had fantastic results straight off the bat, Not everyone is as lucky as you! right time right place I guess. This just goes to prove they know what they are doing. So what Laptop are you gonna get? Makes such a difference having a nice trading computer. Enjoy!

  2. What a great resource for traders, seems like a winner for me. I like the way such great accurate predictions are available through Facebook. I also think the insentives are pretty good, 15 in a row is very doable especially when you have advice from guys like Michael.

    • Hey Jason, Yes it has great incentives, That $1000 incentive has even got me wanting to compete for it! Michael has been in the industry a long time and he knows how these things work. Its real great that he is sharing his wealth of knowledge with the rest of the binary options community. A lot of people are learning great trading techniques with his facebook group as well as earning money at the same time.
      Cheers for the comment!

  3. Mikes signals group is really good, very reliable signals. I can vouch for him, I havn’t been trading long and I have already won back all the money I lost initially when I started and did not know what I was doing. I really am grateful to Michael.
    Thank you


    • Hey Lesly, Glad to hear you have good things to report about Mikes Signals Group. I’m pretty sure everyone looses money when they first start trading, I remember loosing $2000 on a single trade when I first started.. I did not give up, I refined my trading skills by practising night and day, Attended seminars and webinars and learnt how to read the market like a Pro, now my ITM rate is 90%! In a way I am kinda jelous that new traders have it easy with Michael, But I am glad that I learnt How to read the market like a pro so I don’t have to rely on signals or services.
      Thanks for your feedback

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