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How I supplement my income with binary trading

When binary trading first came out, I didn’t really believe it. I mean, ads were pompously promoting insane returns on investment. Who could possibly believe that you could make 70 to 90% of your investment back on a single trade?
However after a few months of getting these ads right in my face, I decided to give it a try. After all, if I risked a small amount I couldn’t lose more than I deposited so I had full control over it. So there I went, I pulled out my credit card and deposited $100.

My first experience trading binary options

At first I didn’t really know what to expect. I had all sorts of bonuses which made it virtually impossible for me to lose the first few trades I placed. It was fun. It felt a lot like playing slots, which is probably a bad thing.
After a week or so I decided to start looking around for strategies and really dig into the math that surrounds binary trading. At this point I had made about $20, which was fun but obviously not enough.
Once I found a working strategy, after a few days of testing it at low risk trades ($1/trade), I realised I could actually make some decent money with this!

How I grew my income with trading

As soon as I realized the potential in binary options, I decided to deposit a bit more (about $500). This was just so I could place trades with half decent size and actually make money.
I grew my account over the first few months and opened a few more accounts with different brokerages to maximize my returns, there were a few hick ups with some untrustworthy brokers but once I found good brokerages that I worked well with my confidence grew and I started to make a comfortable living from trading every month. My schedule consisted of waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee, analyzing the market and placing anywhere between 2 and 6 trades around 9am.
The trades usually expire 4 hours after I place them, so I just sit back and manage the risk.  ( basically just hedging trades that go against my pre-plotted support/ resistant levels) Whats nice is that I can work from my phone if I’m out and about and once my trades expire I just  rinse and repeat.  Having an abundance of time to do what I want when I want is truly the greatest reward from being a successful binary option trader.


The perks of profiting from binary options

Binary option brokers have made a name for themselves by providing the single best return on investments trading has to offer. The attraction is simple yet effective: on a single binary trade you could potentially win between 70 and 90% of your investment back.
To the untrained eye this might not seem like much but it’s actually quite an accomplishment. When you think about it, most traders in big banks and hedge funds aim at making between 10 and 20% per year in the markets.
Binary trading has changed the way the average Joe looks at the markets and how he perceives making money from it.

Tips on profiting from binary options

Now that we’ve got you all excited about making big returns (and big bucks) from the binary market, let’s have a quick look at what you should do to make sure you book these wins.
First, always stick with well-known and regulated binary brokers. Don’t be lured into depositing any amount of money on a shady website just because they promise you very high return rates. While the binary broker world has evolved a lot recently, there are still many crooks out there so beware. ( make sure to do your research)
Second, build a bankroll management strategy. Countless traders have deposited a small sum of money in the hopes of building great wealth, only to lose it all in 2 trades. It’s important to manage your capital so that you have enough trades possible to ride out variance.
A good basic bankroll management strategy is to have at least 20 to 30 trades in your capital. This means if you were to deposit 300€, you would risk 10€ per trade. That way, if your strategy is profitable, you’ll have time to build your capital slowly but surely.

Binary Trading Sounds good doesn’t it?

Hold up! You think profiting from binary options is easy?  Well there’s some truth to that myth. It is easy if you know what you are doing and you have a proven system in place. Think of it like a sport.. a mental sport, the more you practice, the more adversity you face, the more struggles you  conquer the better you become, the stronger you get.
For some it is easy, probably because they are on the right path and understand that trading binary options is an entrepreneurial discipline.
For others its a struggle- quite often it because they are looking  for a quick path to riches  or a free ride to financial freedom.
Becoming  successful at anything usually requires a lot of work and binary option trading is no different.


  1. Hi there,

    First of all, nice post, it took away some of my questions.

    What I saw come along with binary trading is all these scam sites that have “Fool Proof Software” that does the decision making for you, and makes you over a 1000 dollars while you are sleeping.. As I don’t believe in such miracles that I saw come past I’m always somewhat skeptic of the whole concept of binary trading.. (I do believe it is a good way of trading, that professionals can surely use to their advantage tho).. But I have some kind of Roulette feeling with it tho.. There are systems to get the upper hand on roulette and keep on winning with the right investment, but these are of course made illegal by the casinos 🙂

    So what I’m wondering is: Why does nobody elaborate on the possible strategies you can use or where you can learn, people always say : Once you get the hang of it.. Or once you understand the rules of the game…

    Could you guide me in to the right direction? Do you have some sources for me from which I could learn some more about Binary Trading?


    • Dean Evans

      July 19, 2015 at 1:49 am

      Hi Marteen

      Thanks for your feedback;) yes there are many unbelievable offers out there and it has caused a lot of skepticism around the whole concept of binary trading being a legitimate source of income.

      I held the same view for a while but I learnt that it was an ignorant conclusion constructed purely out of my lack of knowledge on the subject. Let me try parallel your mind.. When a surfer looks out upon the waves he can read them quite easily- he can recognize and pick out the waves that are going to fold early and he can identify the waves that will give him a great ride, however, nothing is guaranteed and the conditions are never the same. Its the same with trading- learning how to read the market and recognize the early signs of a falling market or a steady market in order to get the best ride.

      For example : The release of the I phone 6 and I phone 6 plus boosted the apple stock considerably but it was not an instant increase, it fluctuated a bit due to the controversy about the new phone bending in peoples pockets so short term investors lost out but the long term traders made considerable gains with the slow but steady stock increase.

      There are actually countless strategies available all over the world wide web regarding binary option trading. Quite a lot of them are hogswash or outdated unfortunately but there are a few gems out there. I have posted a couple of them on this website you can check out.

      I do have some basic training videos on you tube on how to set up your charts and Live trade demonstration available via the main menu.

      Appreciate your questions, if you want to learn more- just have a browse around this website. There are many useful articles and resources to learn from. If there is anything in particular you would like help with be sure to let me know;)


  2. Hi Dean,
    Having heard little about binary options, I took myself on a tour of your site. It is very informative. I am just getting into online income streams and found this to be very interesting.
    Apart from the detailed information on your site, where else would be a great source on information to teach a newbie like me about this field?

    • Dean Evans

      July 19, 2015 at 2:17 am

      Hello Duncan,

      Binary Options is booming the investing world, having only surfaced in 2008- they have grown rapidly since then. If you want to learn more I suggest you dig into google… See what the world view on binary options is and if its right for you. I recommend you check out If you would like to get access to one of the best binary option academy’s available.

      In a nutshell, binary options are fast paced investments that offer the highest returns in investing. When it comes to online income streams, Binary options are one of the most lucrative income streams I have encountered. Thanks for your comment, I wish you the best in your online endevours. Remember I am here to help if you need me;)
      Cheers Dean

  3. Edemekaye Richard

    July 18, 2015 at 8:40 am

    Your article is very educative of the subject matter, have heard of it before, but thought it is one of those business hype. Now that i have read through your article, i now know that binary trading real and profitable, my interest is built up and would like to get more information from you soonest. looking forward to hearing from you, all the best,God bless you.

  4. Hi Dean,

    Well put article, looks like you have got some strategies working for you in Binary Options. Mostly people are negaive about Binary Options and this is the first post I have seen that is in complete favor of Binary options, I would love to learn few tricks that you have working for you.
    Thanks for sharing great info

  5. Interesting piece of aricle on Binary options you havehere. This is not to pick on you. But I will have to ask. You sound like you have a great strategy that makes you a comfortable sum of money. How about you share your strategy with us?

    From what I read it sounds like you are just making vague claims and with the limited knowledge you have about Binary options trading you are just out here like the others making it look like you have a “holy grail strategy”

    First of all why don’t you share with everyone what strategy you use in trading for which you hold your trade for 4 hours?

    Secondly, why don’t you share with your readers what type of chat and charting software you use in trading?

    Thirdly, from what I am seeing you don’t have any principles behind your trading. if you have an, why don’t you share that with your readers as well.

    Kindly stop making vague claims if you cannot back it up with proof.

    • Dean Evans

      July 23, 2015 at 5:42 am

      Hi Fidel.

      First – Fidel, I have shared most of my strategies on this website. Perhaps you didn’t look hard enough. I am not running a day care center for binary traders but I can make an exception for you if your interested in learning exactly what I do and how I do it.. check out The Successful Edge ( spots fill up fast )

      Second- I use free stock charts and metatrader 4,( I do have a charts and graphs page with this info btw)

      Thirdly- I don’t have any principals other than filling up my bank account with fat stacks. (I’m very good at it)

      This is not to pick on you . I have checked out your work with binary options and your website binary options explained and all I can say is keep working mate ;-p. You have a long way to go before you are actually helping people with trading. What you are doing with your website is a good concept but until you actually understand what it takes to profit with binary options you will always be pointing fingers and looking for the holy grail..

      Kindly stop being an idiot and do your research before jumping to conclusions, but thanks for your comment Fidel:) Good to see you are making progress and the best thing to do is to ask questions;) Its how we learn but perhaps next time- change your tone because I found that to be quite rude mate.

      Here are some links to some useful strategies and articles

      Ladder Options Break Strategy – 90% ITM

      Double Profit Tutorial – Minimize risk/ Maximize profit

      Binary Option Trading Technical Analysis – Key elements of a successful trade

      Trading psychology – the mental attitude needed for trading.

      Hope this calms you down you funny bugger..


      • Chill out young man. Like i said in my earlier comment. This was not to pick on you.And i apologize if my comments came out too strong.

        All i wanted to know is what you were working with. And yes I didn’t go through your website to see what else you have in there…my bad i guess. I based my comment on this particular post.

        Secondly, its good to know you take your trading decisions with chats and not some popularity bar on a brokers website like what the others do.

        Thirdly,and I quote “Thirdly- I don’t have any principals other than filling up my bank account with fat stacks. (I’m very good at it)”. Can you give us a proof of that. Because I have heard of it a million times from people who never make a dime.

        Fourthly, I checked out the link to your “successful edge” and it looks quite interesting. Something different- and its fantastic its free. I have made a request to join. Please add me when you have the chance?

        Anyway, i checked out your strategies and they seem quite solid. As the truly experienced trader you say you are, do you agree that every stratagy fails at a point. How reliable have your strategies been to you?

        Another thing I couldn’t figure out mr. binary options alliance is what time frame do you hold the trade?

        Thank you for your information, I appreciate the time you dedicate to helping traders such as myself.

  6. Wow I had no idea that any option like this existed out there. I have heard very little about alternative forms of trading (such as binary trading) and this really intrigues me.

    What kind of capitol would you suggest to get started? You already explain a lot here, but is there a guide that YOU TRUST that could walk me through getting started, step by step?

    • Dean Evans

      August 24, 2015 at 9:15 am

      Hi Sean, Binary trading is one of latest, simplest forms of trading on the financial markets. In my humble opinion, Its less risky and less complicated than most other forms of trading.

      For a first time Investor I would recommend a starting balance of $250 with a reliable brokerage. Its imperative you know what you are doing – otherwise you really are just guessing and that can easily spell disaster for you and your capital! You want to go in with a plan!

      The best way to profit from binary options is to learn to read the markets yourself and make your own predictions and analysis, but learning the jungle that is the markets takes time and effort and most people just prefer the easy route to profits so they join signal groups and auto traders. (the disadvantage being that you are relying on someone else to give you your trading edge instead of developing it yourself). Signals are good for beginners and I am currently working with an australian signals provider- Chris Morton. He owns and operates a fantastic signals service that all my clients are very happy with. You can read the review of his signals here or alternatively you can head right over to his site by following this link

      Cant hurt to have a go on a demo account either 🙂 let me know if you have any more questions or need anymore assistance Sean.

      Cheers for the questions.


  7. Hello! Nice article about binary option. I have personally never traded them. I usually trade forex and stock. Is it mostly the same concepts? Discover a trend then go with it, if it reverses get out quick type of trading or is it something completely different? Thank You for your time.

  8. Hi Dean,

    I’m a recent graduated student from an ACCSB university. We tend to use Bloomsburg program for study binary options.

    Right now I don’t know good pages about investing. I got one called ganadineroen30dias .com they say that this people got customer support to help you invest. But I don’t trust them too much.

    Do you have some recommendations about were to find good brokers online that you have tested?

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