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Mike’s Auto trader

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 Mike’s Auto trader review

Mike’s auto trader is one of the latest binary option auto-traders to hit the binary options market and a lot of traders are reporting positive results. With a lot of auto traders falling short of expectations it is pleasing to see that Michael has managed to optimize his auto trader to generate a positive ITM rate.

Why Choose Mikes Auto trader?

Michael freeman was one of the very first people to offer binary options mentoring, he has been in this industry for years now and he is one of the good guys. Mike offers a lot to the binary options community with over 200 free strategies on his website and be sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel where he has over 170 videos relating to binary options.

Michael freeman changed the game when it came to raising money for charity with binary options. When Michael first released Mikes auto trader, people that wanted access to the software had to donate a minimum of $50 to any charity organization of their choosing and email Michael the receipts so he could tally all the donations and create awareness for the Syrian orphans. Over $100,000 has been raised for charity so far and people are no longer required to donate to access the trading software, Michael does still ask for donations for this initiative but its not a requirement anymore. For more details about the Donation Initiative please refer to his website.

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As a way of rewarding his loyal subscribers, when Michael launched Mikes auto trader all of his signal group members were automatically approved to start using the auto trading software without having to donate or make a new deposit with a broker.


Do I use Mikes auto trader?

I am a confident trader myself, trading is my passion and I am more profitable when I dance with the markets myself and use my own strategies but it took me a long time and plenty of effort to learn and master these trading techniques. If you are unsure if Mikes Auto trader is for you- I would recommend checking out some of Michaels trading strategies on his blog, there are some great technical strategies available for those looking to learn how to trade manually. If you want to jump in with both feet right now and are ready to start with mikes auto trader, Go for it! Click here to access Mikes Auto trader 

All About Mikes auto trader.

Mikes auto trader is a Web Based Binary Options Auto Trading  Service that utilizes Algo signals to generate 30-50 trades a day. It is compatible with multiple brokers and a currently has an average monthy ITM rate of 78%.  Mike’s Auto Trader is a trusted auto trading service that is not associated with any scams.

Binary Option Alliance advises all traders that the performance of Mikes auto trader varies from day to day but the overall monthly performance is good. Some traders have experienced loosing streaks and regard Mikes auto trader as a scam, saying they were scammed  just because they lost on some trades. Over the long-term Mike’s Auto Trader has a proven track record with profitable signals. No service is perfect and offers a 100% hit rate- If there is one promising 100% accuracy, run for the hills because its a scam all neatly packaged up. Losing trades is a part of trading, every good trader and investor knows this.

Who is Mike’s Auto Trader suited for?

Michael freemans Autotrader is a well suited program for anyone looking for an extra income online, there is no trading experience needed to get started. It is also suitable for forex traders looking to participate profitably in the binary options market. Stock and share traders are also encouraged to take advantage of Mikes auto trader as its a easy way to start Binary trading and expand a trading portfolio.


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Double Profit Tutorial

Double Profit Method.

In order to maximize your profitability with binary options, it is important to capitalize on the right market conditions. Here I would like to demonstrate a simple strategy that minimizes risk and maximizes profitability.

(If you are not familiar with option trading I suggest you first check out Option trading Explained)

The concept is quite simple, Markets move up and down- in other words-they fluctuate. To double your profits you will need to take advantage of the swings of the markets.

As you can see in the image below the price history (green and red audnzd2bars in the top section) has travelled upwards for a period of time, so when my indicators begin to signal a reversal,  (see the green arrows) I place a PUT trade with an expiry up to 1 hour (shown by the vertical white line) The horizontal white line indicates the level at which I placed the trade, which was @ 1.11031  . So what I’m predicting is that at the time of expiry (vertical while line) the price will be below the level 1.11031

The image below is  sightly more zoomed in to give you a clearer idea of what is occurring.




In this image (above) you can see the price level has increased past my trade level of 1.11031 and is at now @ 1.11041 and I am now out of the money and the fear of loss is upon me.  As I keep my emotions stable I refer to my indicators which indicate a downward move soon so I am  relaxed and ready to place a CALL trade when the market reaches a lower level than 1.11031 in order to protect my initial investment.


As you can see in the image above that the price did in fact move downward below my trade level of 1.11031 and I have now placed a CALL trade @ 1.11000 ( shown by the second lower horizontal white line) using the same expiry time (vertical white line) , The first prediction is saying the price level  will go down (below 1.11031) , and the second prediction is saying the price level will go up (above 1.11000)


As you can see, in either case I will win one of the trades.  If the price level goes down I win on my first trade. If the price level goes up- I win on my second trade- minimizing risk.  If the price level expires between 1.11031 and 1.11000 I will win both of the trades, doubling my profit.  Lets see how it plays out in the following images.




UH OH! my first trade is out of the money. dontpanic-marvin-ltr1


In this image it looks as if I am going to loose my first trade predicting it will expire below 1.11031, my emotions are stable and I notice the indicators signalling a downward move is about to occur .


looking good…


hold…………. hold……………………..HOLD!!!


BA-BOOOOOOOOOM!! both trades expire IN THE MONEY  @1.11013 which is below my PUT of 1.11031 and above my CALL of 1.11000  so I bank myself double profit, rinse and repeat.

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This was traded using the Interactive Option platform which provides  diverse expiry times on a wide range of assets, you can read my review on interactive option here.

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