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The perfect trade

I often come across opportunities in the market such as this one and I thought Id share this one today.. I came across this opportunity in the USD/JPY market today and banked myself a nice profit.. check it out!

Once I’m confident of the trend I look for indicators/signals to know when to place a trade- in the image below I have highlighted these signals with a green arrow usd jpy

Once I’m confident of the trend, (which is determined by price action)  I look for indicators/signals to know when to place a trade (in this case i was buying a position)– in the image above  I have highlighted these signals/indicators with a green arrow. The white vertical line is showing the time of expiry, which I calculate by looking at recent swing intervals.

Proof, if you need it ;-P


This a screenshot image of the email you receive from the broker titan trade.  If I was gonna fake this I would have put a higher amount XD..If you would like to know more about Titantrade, you can read my review HERE

Here below are some details on a trade I placed on the AUD/USD

aud.usd 6.10.14



aud.usd2 6.10.14

These trades were executed on the Titantrade platform which is one of my preferred broker platforms as they provide a wide range of assets and diverse expiry times.

You can also read my review of Titantrade here


Trading psychology


Traders mentality or Trading discipline. Developing a healthy mental attitude towards trading is an integral part in being a successful trader. In order to Shield yourself from sudden misfortunes  a strong mental attitude is your primary defence.

In today’s world, with the technology we have available- its no wonder  a record number of  people are wanting to make money trading.  The place where I see many people find difficulty or stub their toe is when it comes to adopting the correct mental attitude  needed for trading.

Many people underestimate the importance of having the proper mental approach to trading- its not as simple as just knowing ”how to do it” you need realise that in order to be mentally prepared for 29956_nota_money_machinetrading you have to be ready for the  ”mind game” aspects of trading.

The proper mind set that I’m speaking of here is the result of self-discipline and habit.  Without exception, all consistently profitable traders have a winning attitude.   Some develop it the hard way, and for others it comes easily.   No one  started trading, and went on to have success, without having the right attitude.

Successful traders take full responsibility for their own actions and when it comes to trading they’re no different.positive-attitude  It ‘s much easier and more convenient to blame others for our mistakes so there are a number of people not wanting to own up, and take responsibility for what they do. Traders who are successful,  realize that their success or failure is all their own.  While it may be convenient to blame the brokerage for a bad execution, or blame the signal service for a string of bad trades, the ultimate responsibility for your actions falls directly on your shoulders, and you know it.  You can learn a lot from an experienced trader, but your results are the result of your actions.

Stay emotionally neutral- Keep Your Emotions Stable   

 Save your emotions for the things that really matter in life like family and friends, not trading. Successful traders don’t get too high when they have a winning day, and they don’t get too low when they have a losing day.productive  Taking a loss is as much a part of trading as is taking a gain.  The difference is in how you emotionally deal with the losses and the gains.  The market fluctuates all the time, but successful traders don’t come home and kick the dog after a bad day. Successful traders don’t let the stock market put them on an emotional roller coaster ride.  Staying emotionally neutral is the key to long term trading success.

 ”Newbies” or  New traders often experience a “burn out“, which is more a result of emotional ups and downs than anything else.  Don’t buy in to the hype that is constantly coming out of Wall Street.  Don’t get frightened when the market falls or phone home when it roars higher.  Just trade it. 



Most Aspiring day traders do not pay enough attention to their own mental state. They pay far too much attention to what just happened in the market and are not mentally prepared.

Successful day traders actively manage their mental attitude in order to maintain confidence in the face of uncertainty, they practice  discipline in the middle of randomness. Maintaining a confident mental attitude is a skill that can be learned. Top athletes practice it. Top traders practice it. You can, and should practice developing and maintaining a confident mindset!

Option trading explained

In order to work from home with binary options, you first need to start with the basics of options trading.  Forex option trading, stock option trading and commodity options trading are some of the   different investment options on offer in regards to online options trading. Understanding these terms can be done  through options trading education, which is offered by OptionRabbi 😉

  • FOREX OPTION TRADING                world currencies                                                                  example- EUR/USD,  AUD/USD,  USD/JPY , GBP/EUR

Online currency trading is very lucrative and can be very profitable as the forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average traded value that exceeds $1.9 trillion per day and includes all of the currencies in the world.

  • STOCK OPTION TRADING                                                                                      example- APPLE, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, AMAZONfalling stocks

Trading on the stock market has been made accessible to those without a lot of capital through binary options, it allows traders to trade effectively on the Market without fronting thousands of dollars. With binary options you can start with a minimum investment of just $100 with certain brokers.   Trading options on the stock market is one of the safest ways to trade stocks as you cannot loose more than you put in.

  • COMMODITY OPTIONS TRADING                                                                    example- OIL,  SUGAR, GOLD, SILVERtesting testing

Trading commodities using options is a great way to capitalise from global events such as the situation in the middle east in regards to the price of OIL fluctuating due to instability, and the price of sugar can be affected buy religious events such as the Ramadan which sees observers fasting for a month.

having said that….withdrawing-money

Options are often seen as fast-moving, fast-money trades. Certainly options can be aggressive plays; they’re volatile, levered and speculative. Options and other derivative securities have made fortunes and ruined them. Options are sharp tools, and you need to know how to use them without abusing them in order to profit.

If you would like to see some of my RECENT TRADES go HERE.

If your interested in double profit methods and would like to check out a tutorial on how to DOUBLE PROFIT go HERE.

Option trading tips


In order to trade binary options with success you first need to understand what Technical analysis of the market involves, You need to learn how to use charting solutions effectively as it will be a big part in trading binary options profitably, in this section you have visual access to various techniques most commonly used everyday by the protraders.

Learning these techniques is quite easy, it just takes a little time and effort,  everything is made available to you within the charting platform and the ones ive recommended on my CHARTS and GRAPHS page are very user friendly;-)

***just click on the chart to enlarge it***


AUD/USD (multiple support and resistance levels)

image001 (2)

USD/CAD (Fibonacci retrace)

image001 (3)

USD/CHF (support and ressistance)

image001 (4)

GBP/USD (support and resistance transition)




As you can see its pretty obvious what is going on in these charts.  The green lines are levels of support while the Red lines are Resistance levels.

If you would like to see how I implement these strategies in more detail, check out my DOUBLE PROFIT TUTORIAL. 





Hey Guys,images (20) For a limited time I will be providing one on one training to the first 5 people to sign up with one of my recommended brokers through my website, you will have to send me confirmation once you have opened up a new account.

What I am offering is a training course on trading binary options, the course will cover the binary option basics and set up your foundation in the trading world. I am looking for serious participants as this is real money you will be investing, more importantly you will be investing your time to learning a new skill, so a few hours a week watching training videos and a bit of time spent trading on a FREE demo account before you hit Wall street.wall-street-stock-exchange.

I will be available to assist only 5 people personally; The reason I am offering this to only 5 people is because i want to keep my clients happy with very own personal support to ensure they know what they are doing and start profiting when they begin trading. If you are interested  contact me either by skype[skype-status button_function=”chat”] or you can email me


The ‘What if‘ Factor,Wolf_of_Wall_Street_a_l before you leave this page consider the fact that this is a once in a lifetime oppourtunity, I am pioneering for a new generation of traders who will one day be the WOLVES OF WALL STREET



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