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How to set up Charts for Binary Options

Welcome to the first lesson of Binary Option Alliance’s Signals training course.

Learning how to set up your charts for binary options is an integral part in trading binary options with success. In this first lesson we will be showing  how to set up charting solutions effectively in order to analyse and predict the direction of our chosen markets.

In this lesson we will be setting up our charts using the charting solution . (Click the link to open freestockcharts in a new window or tab.) requires the plugin  Microsoft Silverlight.  If you have not  used freestockcharts before on your PC you will need to install the plugin to participate in this lesson on how to set up charts for binary options. Here is a link to Microsoft Silverlight plugin 

Once you have completed the steps above and have freestockcharts open  in a new tab or window, proceed to watch the training video below.

I hope you all found something useful in this lesson on how to set up your charts using and I look forward to seeing you all  back here again for the next part of the course.

If you have any questions or comments about the training covered in the video please leave your comments or questions below and I will be sure to help out.



  1. First of all I would like to say thanks for providing the information on how to set up charts for binary options for free, You could have sold what you told in this video. It’s a nice clear, step by step demonstration on how to set up your charts using the free charting solution.. I was able so set up my charts for binary options nice and easily thanks to you!
    So keep up the good work! Looking forward to more videos
    thanks again

  2. Great Tutorial, helped answer a few questions. You obviously are quite the expert at trading currencies. Do you ever dabble in forex trading?

    • Hi Anna, thanks for the comment. I would say I have a lot of experience trading currencies, on my way to becoming an expert ;-P. Yes I trade Forex, I am involved in various trade groups and we trade mainly OIL and FOREX as they tend to be the markets that give the most pips.. The S&P 500 is a little outta my leauge but I have been eyeballing it.
      Ill do some more videos soon Anna, stay tuned:)

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