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Interactive Option 


Interactive option is a fairly new broker firm and they are making their way up through the ranks rather quickly with their one of a kind platform which boasts some of the largest charts and graphs on offer by a binary options broker. The crisp platform has attracted many European traders and is fast becoming a favourite in the binary options world.

Interactive option is not interested or associated with any binary option traders that reside in the United States, but if you are trading from anywhere outside of the united states you are welcome and encouraged to join. interactive-option-regulierung

Interactive Option offer a number of different trading styles that range from classic binary options, long term, 60 second, one touch and pair trading. Interactive option also allows traders to trade forex using a stop loss/take profit which can be quite profitable if you are familiar with Forex trading.  The minimum deposit amount is $250 and the staff over at interactive option are wonderful and ready to help you get started. just click on the banner below to begin

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  1. My first withdrawal with Interactive Option only took five days to be processed. It is one of the fastest compared to the brokers I’ve ever tried. Also, my account manager has good advice. For example, I usually trade above/below options on different assets, but I was advised to focus on a single asset and this strategy allowed higher profits.

    • Hi Matt, sorry for the delayed response. Focusing on a single asset and getting real familiar to its range and behaviour is excellent advice. I personally started to focus exclusively on a few currency pairs when I first started trading and my ITM rate improved considerably as opposed to when I was spreading my focus across many different assets. Interactive option account managers are very knowledgeable and this is helping new traders develop a trading style that suits them as an individual. Its really nice of you to stop by and leave your feedback Matt, I appreciate it as im sure many other traders do too.
      All the best
      Remember I am here to help- if you need me;)


  2. I personally tried the platform and had a positive experience, even for

  3. Hello, I am highly interested in binary options, I inquired and I find that it is accessible.
    I am particularly tempted in joining Interactive Option. Could you give me more information on it?
    Thank you, in advance.

    • Hi Alexandra, Interactive option is a great choice of brokerage, I have an account with them and I have always been impressed with their platform and service. They offer a wide range of features including one touch options, Ladder options the ability to trade Forex and turbo options. Interactive option has a great academy section with lots of useful training. You also get a dedicated account manager when you open an account who will help you outline your trading goals and keep you informed about what’s hot and what’s not in the financial markets.
      Interactive option also boasts a very crisp design that is smooth and neat, one of the best broker platforms when it comes to chart displays.
      Hope that helps Alex. You can also trade on interactive option with my signals service if you are interested.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Happy Trading

  4. Me too, I trade with Interactive Option. I am new, I started a month ago; but I already could win 100 dollars. I don’t know yet about the withdrawals but I am confident.

  5. Just a quick comment to thank Interactive Option for the quality of its free ebooks and videos. I was able to quickly learn binary options trading techniques. Good luck to all!

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