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Live trade with market analysis part 2

Welcome back to Binary Option Alliance’s signals training course.

This part of the signals course includes a Live trade using a strategy I have developed over the years.

The strategy is quite simple as the primary indicator is price action.

Price action is what should dictate any position you take in the market. Learning how to read price action is not something you can do in a day.

Price Action is the most powerful indicator available to all traders.

Traders who understand how to effectively use price action to position themselves correctly into the market are the traders who are trading without emotion because they understand the nature of the market and are confident with their analysis and with their predictions of the trend.

Todays training video is a demonstration of live market analysis using the charting setup that was featured  one of the previous lessons.

If you did not make to the  part of the course on how to set up your charts for binary options, you can access the training through this link

In this video I take a call position into the  30 min call position into the AUD/USD market, using my indicators to signal my entry. The was the main indicator was once again the bullish trend in the market which was determined by PRICE ACTION, which is covered in great detail in the premium signals course 


I hope you managed to learn something of value from this video featuring a live trade using my unique price action strategy.

Any questions or comments about the training video can be asked below in the comments section and I will be sure to help out.


  1. Great videos, Thank you very much, for your help…Great work.

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