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 Tesla Price Action Trade

tesla trade

tesla trade 2

Boss Capital:Results 20/02/2015-12/03/2015

Pivot Step Strategy Results 30.01.2015

**Notice the double profit on Gold and the hedging on oil**

trades 2

Check out my Double Profit Tutorial Here!

NFP trades 

(Traded on Titantrade)

trade results nfp

Graphically displayed track records of some of my recent trades. The white vertical line is the expiry point.


NZD/JPY  26/09/14



USD/CAD  2/10/14

part 1

usd cad 2.10.14

USD/CAD  2/10/14


To reiterate, the white vertical line is the expiry point.

win usd cad

AUD/USD 6/10/14

Part 1

aud.usd 6.10.14

AUD/USD 6/10/14

Part 2

aud.usd2 6.10.14

trade results

Would you like to see some of these strategies in more detail?  Check out my OPTION TRADING TIPS

Some of these trades were executed on the Titantrade platform which is one of my preferred broker platforms as they provide a wide range of assets and diverse expiry times.

You can read my review of titan trade here.

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  1. Great to see someone posting real trading results with the charts alongside. Thanks- it helped me understand things a little better!

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