An up to date bank of resources that are key elements in the  analysis of the markets. These resources are here to ease your efforts in following the strategy that best fits your personal style of trading. They make retrieving data easy and accessible and provide you with information in relation to the market.

Economic Calender

This is a calendar which shows the dates and times of all important economic releases such as Interest rates, Consumer price index and Unemployment rates. It contains a lot of information so it is important to follow only events which affect your preferred assets. The economic calendar is used to perform fundamental analysis.

    •  Economic Calender

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There is a lot more to fundamental analysis than just the economic calender. International News and  Global Events pay a key role in the direction of the markets.  Such as the release of a new product by a leading manufacturer like the  latest iPhone for apple and a new Samsung product that has apple investors raising an eyebrow.

Whichever side of the fence your on make sure to check the calender and take note of the major events before getting into a any trading sesh.

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