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This is the  Binary Options Blacklist where you can find out all information on scam artists and various fraudulent companies. When it comes to paying for a service, you expect to get what was promised to you in the sales pitch. There are many companies out there offering bad services or no service at all, and marketing these  services as “the keys to your financial freedom” I’m sure you’ve heard that one before, especially if you’ve ever been involved with trading. There is a reoccurring pattern that is present in most, if not all binary option scams,  they operate behind fake names and addresses once you request a withdrawal or start generating profits they start with their excuse making and use brainwashing tactics. Some traders have even been locked out of their trading accounts for no apparent reason. Pretty soon they realise that what they thought of as a high-end service that seemed professional from the start is actually an elaborate scam  to trick innocent people into giving them money. Once they figure out that you have realised that they are bogus , they quickly disappear and start focusing on their next victim.

Google must have a very hard time keeping up with these scams, as they can operate in many shapes and forms and can sometimes be hard to recognise from the outside, its only once people have tried the service and have reported it as a fraudulent company, by then its often too late and the scam artists have made a pretty penny and are probably  sipping mimosas with their associates on a beach somewhere warm. So if you see a trading system that offers a perfect hit rate or even if it sounds to good to be true, Run for the hills because its a Scam all neatly packaged up!

There is an endless variation of scams, from forex trading software to fake retail sites. Binary options is a fairly young indpinpoint-locations-on-a-mapustry and the scams are getting more and more elaborate, But do not fear! Binary Option Alliance is here! The only way to deal with these scams is to be vigilant!  Report them to the authorities, file complaints against them, Publicly expose them on social media and even pay them a visit!

Binary Option Alliance is here to put a stop to these scammers and put them out of business once and for all. Hopefully Google will rank the honest reviews and testimonials of real traders higher than the fake reviews on scam sites, which are probably operated by scam binary options brokers.

This is a comprehensive  list of scams that are scamming people in the trading arena everyday, Avoid these Fraudulent Companies and Scam Artists. 

scam alert

 Binary Matrix Pro

 Hercules Profit Pro

Insider John

Push Button Commissions

2015 Millionaires’ Club

Profit Maximizer

Secret Money Vault

My Cash Bot

Elite Trader App

Millionaire Blue Print



 30 Day Change

The Covert Society

Insider John (App 810)

Quick Cash System

Ataraxia 7

 Guaranteed Wealth

Oz Robot

Golden Goose Method

Cheat The Odds

7 Day Millionaire

Insured Profits

Tokyo Bot

Wealthy Trader

Legal Insider Bot

2014 Millionaires Club

Auto Profit Replicator

  Safe Trader App

The $100K Club

The 1 Percent Club

Daily Binary Profits v7

Binary Chaos

Commodity Robot

Larrys cash machine

Mediterranean Millionaire

How to Spot Binary Options Scams – 3 quick steps!

  1. Binary Options Scams come in all shapes and forms but luckily they all share a common denominator which is the pushy sales tactics.
  2. Negative Reviews can be a good indicator for a scam site. Just use your common sense and when you notice a company with more than a handful of terrible reviews, stay away.
  3. Binary Options Forums are another great way to get an idea of which brokers are legitimate and which ones are scams as many traders often prefer to share their experience in a forum discussion. However recently we have noticed very biased opinions in some of the popular forums, so don’t be to quick to believe everything written in a forum, Remember these could be Forums Run By the Scam artists themselves.


  1. Wow, that’s a pretty big list of scams, I’m glad I found this post before I signed up to the millionaire money machine.
    Thanks for compiling this list, I will tell others to check it out.

    • Dean

      November 25, 2014 at 2:49 am

      Hi Carrie, Yes unfortunately binary options is an industry where scams are present, But they can easily be avoided by doing research before you invest, Usually a Google search with the company name and the keywords “SCAM” will turn up results or complaints against the company. So to elaborate on this example. If you wanted to find out if OptionRally was a scam you would type in “OptionRally Scam”
      Just make sure you read more than one review, they’re often is fake reviews and always be sceptical if it sounds too good to be true.

  2. Can I treust this Michael Freeman guy? all over da web i get only positive responses but..this is from his own websites..

    • Dean

      November 28, 2014 at 3:12 pm

      Hi Tom, Welcome to B.O.A.

      Read this michael freeman review

      Hmmm interesting question, Michael Freeman has apparently done a lot for the entire binary options community.
      He says he has dedicated the last 3 years to helping people succeed with binary options
      with numerous successful strategies and a popular YouTube channel
      Michael also claims that he has also just raised over $100,000 for charity in a few months with the development of his auto trader.
      Ofcourse his websites are going to say positive things about him, Its not like he’s going to sabotage himself on his own sites!

      In my opinion, the only person you can trust is yourself.

      If you want really want to know for sure if you can trust Michael, Learn how to trade,
      and test his strategies out for yourself and you’ll have an answer.
      You could even do it on a demo account so it would cost you $0 only the time you dedicate to learning a usefull skill.

      Thanks for your Comment Tom, Look forward to hearing from you again.
      All the best.

  3. If you wish to make money with binary options, you want to concentrate and treat it like a business, not just an investment. Being wildly successful at anything takes a lot of dedication and its glad to see these scams that are ruining the credibility of the industry are being unmasked on several websites.
    Thank you.

  4. You saved me from wasting my money, almost bought into the hype and signed up for a scam! Thanks for making this list!

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