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Wealthy Affiliate

Protecting yourself from scams is one of the most important aspects of earning money online and there are a multitude of very convincing scams out there, just check out this list of scams.  When it comes to learning how to earn a living from home there is no better place to start than Binary Option Alliance’s number one recommended affiliate marketing school, Wealthy Affiliate.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?  It’s one of the best programs online, teaching people all over the world how to generate an income working from home with affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is not just a program that teaches you how to earn money, it is a community of people all helping each other out with A-Z’s of internet marketing.


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Here is some of the audience that benefits from WA:

  • Internet Marketers
  • Local businesses and companies
  • Online merchants
  • Local marketers
  • People that wants to build their own website(s)
  • People that want to sell their products online
  • Retired people, looking for an additional income
  • Individuals looking a trusted hosting platform
  • Students
  • People who want to turn their hobby into an additional income
  • Bloggers and website owners that want to improve their sites.

The list is ongoing, but I am sure that you already see the benefits.


Could Wealthy affiliate be a scam?  Well if it is a scam, its the most useful scam Kyle and Carsonon the market! Believe me, I’ve seen  a scam or two in my time as a trader. Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely free to join and you get access to the fastest website builder on the planet,  not to mention you get two free professional WordPress sites to kick-start your online  potential. Yes, there is a catch. Honestly, did you think there wouldn’t be one? You get full premium access for the first 14 days, after which, if you still want access to the premium features you have to pay (Even If you don’t go premium you still get lifetime access to some really good features for no cost at all)  But if you do decide to go premium its very affordable  at just $19 for your first month, then $47 per month, once inside you can choose a yearly fee of $359 ($29 a month) which is not to bad considering all great features of their premium service.

What are the features of Wealthy affiliate?  Its got a live chat room for those questions you need help with right away, its got a keyword tool, a website builder, hundreds of  quality video walkthroughs, 24/7 technical support, live training seminars every week and you can host as many websites there as you want.

Why choose wealthy affiliate? Its a risk free way of learning how to earn money online, it costs you absolutely nothing to get started. Binary Option Alliance recommends this as the number one affiliate marketing school.

Lets take a look and see how it compares to another Affiliate marketing school Clickbank University




Meet Successful Affiliate marketers and learn from them. Ask professionals any questions you have and get their 1 on 1 support, you can even have a look at their websites and learn how you can improve to make yours better. Success is not going to happen overnight, sorry to break it to you so bluntly but you are going to have to get ready to get stuck in an do some work if you want to earn money online while sitting at home.

Its the best training in the world. Okay, so that may sound like an over statement but once you take a look at the the training courses inside of wealthy affiliate you really start to believe it.

Test drive the training right now 

A lot of other ”Make money online” sites you pay one fee, get one product. There are over 500 training modules within the wealthy affiliate  program and the community is continually updating it to reflect the changes in the industry. Its the same training that taught Me how to build this revenue earning  site that your on right now and I can help you do the same, You see, I am not only a member of Wealthy affiliate I am a raving fan!

So How do I earn money with affiliate marketing? I help People. Its quite simple, ill run it over with you right now in fact. Basically I connect people with products that are needed and useful and get paid commission. I’ll explain; Okay so you may have noticed I have a few links around this site for  Binary option trading,  Lets take Top Option for example, every time someone clicks on my links and makes a deposit with Top Option, I get 15% of the deposited amount from paid to me by Top option.  So lets do some quick maths, the minimum deposit for top option is $100. I get 15% commission which is $15. So If I have 10 people deposit today, I earn $150, ON AUTOPILOT! . Yeah sure, I had to set up the website and place the links so its not completely done on auto pilot. Wealthy Affiliate taught me exactly how to do it step by step!  I am an active member of wealthy affiliate and you can join me inside anytime for free and I’ll be able to personally help you out as I love contributing to other peoples success.


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  1. Hi all,
    I would definitely recommend wealthy affiliate if you are looking at starting an online business. They are basically the all in one package when it comes to affiliate programs- Great hosting, the best training, and fantastically helpful community. Wealthy Affiliate ROCKS!!

  2. Hello, thanks for the review, I have tried a few things online to earn a living but most if not all have fallen short of expectations. I will have a look at wealthy affiliate and see if its the right fit for me, either way, very helpful article,all the best. Francias

  3. Wealthy affiliate helped me generate my first paycheck online. Its such a helpful community with the best training on the internet as well as quality hosting. You really cant go wrong with wealthy affiliate, great review Dean!

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting Glenna!
      Indeed! Wealthy affiliate also taught me so many things about website building and earning an income online. I really am grateful to Kyle and Carson for founding such a valuable community and all the love they pour into the program ensuring everyone has the best chance of success.

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