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Profiting from Binary Options

How I supplement my income with binary trading

When binary trading first came out, I didn’t really believe it. I mean, ads were pompously promoting insane returns on investment. Who could possibly believe that you could make 70 to 90% of your investment back on a single trade?
However after a few months of getting these ads right in my face, I decided to give it a try. After all, if I risked a small amount I couldn’t lose more than I deposited so I had full control over it. So there I went, I pulled out my credit card and deposited $100.

My first experience trading binary options

At first I didn’t really know what to expect. I had all sorts of bonuses which made it virtually impossible for me to lose the first few trades I placed. It was fun. It felt a lot like playing slots, which is probably a bad thing.
After a week or so I decided to start looking around for strategies and really dig into the math that surrounds binary trading. At this point I had made about $20, which was fun but obviously not enough.
Once I found a working strategy, after a few days of testing it at low risk trades ($1/trade), I realised I could actually make some decent money with this!

How I grew my income with trading

As soon as I realized the potential in binary options, I decided to deposit a bit more (about $500). This was just so I could place trades with half decent size and actually make money.
I grew my account over the first few months and opened a few more accounts with different brokerages to maximize my returns, there were a few hick ups with some untrustworthy brokers but once I found good brokerages that I worked well with my confidence grew and I started to make a comfortable living from trading every month. My schedule consisted of waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee, analyzing the market and placing anywhere between 2 and 6 trades around 9am.
The trades usually expire 4 hours after I place them, so I just sit back and manage the risk.  ( basically just hedging trades that go against my pre-plotted support/ resistant levels) Whats nice is that I can work from my phone if I’m out and about and once my trades expire I just  rinse and repeat.  Having an abundance of time to do what I want when I want is truly the greatest reward from being a successful binary option trader.


The perks of profiting from binary options

Binary option brokers have made a name for themselves by providing the single best return on investments trading has to offer. The attraction is simple yet effective: on a single binary trade you could potentially win between 70 and 90% of your investment back.
To the untrained eye this might not seem like much but it’s actually quite an accomplishment. When you think about it, most traders in big banks and hedge funds aim at making between 10 and 20% per year in the markets.
Binary trading has changed the way the average Joe looks at the markets and how he perceives making money from it.

Tips on profiting from binary options

Now that we’ve got you all excited about making big returns (and big bucks) from the binary market, let’s have a quick look at what you should do to make sure you book these wins.
First, always stick with well-known and regulated binary brokers. Don’t be lured into depositing any amount of money on a shady website just because they promise you very high return rates. While the binary broker world has evolved a lot recently, there are still many crooks out there so beware. ( make sure to do your research)
Second, build a bankroll management strategy. Countless traders have deposited a small sum of money in the hopes of building great wealth, only to lose it all in 2 trades. It’s important to manage your capital so that you have enough trades possible to ride out variance.
A good basic bankroll management strategy is to have at least 20 to 30 trades in your capital. This means if you were to deposit 300€, you would risk 10€ per trade. That way, if your strategy is profitable, you’ll have time to build your capital slowly but surely.

Binary Trading Sounds good doesn’t it?

Hold up! You think profiting from binary options is easy?  Well there’s some truth to that myth. It is easy if you know what you are doing and you have a proven system in place. Think of it like a sport.. a mental sport, the more you practice, the more adversity you face, the more struggles you  conquer the better you become, the stronger you get.
For some it is easy, probably because they are on the right path and understand that trading binary options is an entrepreneurial discipline.
For others its a struggle- quite often it because they are looking  for a quick path to riches  or a free ride to financial freedom.
Becoming  successful at anything usually requires a lot of work and binary option trading is no different.

Price Action Trading

The art of price action trading

Price action trading is an art, they say. The mystery that surrounds price action trading is appealing to young traders. There is something about the fact that some people can make money off the markets simply by looking at candles going up and down that attracts the attention.
While price action trading is indeed very profitable for a select few who have learned to trade it perfectly, it’s also a very dangerous path to go down to for complete beginners. Let’s see why that is.

funny binary option humour

What is price action trading?

It’s all in the name. Trading price action is to base trading decisions solely on price movements. A price action trader doesn’t have any indicators on his charts. The only indicator he looks at is price going up or down.
The idea behind it is that price action should actually be the only information you need to make good trading decisions. Everything can be seen in the way the price of an asset moves. Indicators are just pretty representations of things you can actually see in the movements, and often times they are lagging (ie: they give you information about the market when it’s too late, when the information isn’t relevant anymore) or simply cloud your charts and prevent you from seeing anything.

Why is price action trading an art form?

price action trading discipline

Price action trading can be compared to an art form for many reasons. First of all, it takes a long time to master. Remember, you have nothing on your charts. You need to learn to spot things happening in the market just by looking at the price movements.
Second of all, price action trading relies a lot on interpretation and experience. One experienced price action trader might spot a perfect momentum trade opportunity while another experienced price action trader might decide to sit back and wait for a rejection.
All in all, while price action trading is very attractive and intriguing, remember that it will take many hours of practicing and dedication to master.

Is price action trading in binary options possible?

Price action trading is a fairly common practice amongst experienced traders. Some of the most old school forex or stocks traders only trade price action based strategies and have been doing so for many years.
With the recent appearing of binary trading though, these traders have found a new way to profit from their wealth of experience. Is price action trading in binary options possible? The answer is a definite yes!

How to trade a price action based binary options strategy

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that binary options have many, many options available. You can trade as low as 30 second expiries and as far as one month expiries, and there are a plethora of different ways to trade (one touch, high/low, Ladder and so on).
You will have to pick one and stick with it. Build your price action strategy around the way you wish to trade and the one that makes the most sense to you.
The most common way to trade binary options is the high/low option. Basically you’re predicting that the price will go either higher or lower than the price at which you placed the option.
Given that, as we said earlier, you can place short term trades (5min/15min), price action traders will thoroughly enjoy momentum trading on these expiries.

The strategy, in a nutshell


This is a solid strategy, but one which requires experience and discipline. The idea is to use price action based levels (support, resistance, trend lines) and trade momentum breaks off them using short term expires on your binary trading account.
Let’s say for instance that AUD/USD is approaching a strong support area. The price finally pushes through and breaks down below the support area. This would be a perfect time to place a short term put option trade (for instance 15min expiry ). This will take advantage of the strong downwards momentum offered by the break of the support area, which should net you money as you manage your trade accordingly!
Whats your experience with price action? Do you trade price action? We would love to know;) Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

AI APP-Artificial Intelligence Review

AI APP- Artificial Intelligence App has cracked a key financial market trading code. If your looking for a mental adrenaline rush you should check out the AI APP Video.artificial intelligence app The Artificial Intelligence App is an extremely high production piece of trading software.


Technology is advancing at a amazing rate. How we live and how we earn money has completely changed in the last 50 years  and Artificial Intelligence or thinking and reasoning computers are at the heart of today’s technological advancements. With huge ships blasting off into space and satellites orbiting  and transmitting information into our homes, audio & videos is streamed right to your mobile phone, a phone that you can also do your banking on! We truly have seen the world transform before our eyes.

You may be wondering, how are people making millions in today’s word? Simple. Technology. Technology is a huge Industry, the advancements in computing power over the last few years has been phenomenal.  Just think about all the people and companies developing apps and programs with algorithms and coding them to do just about anything we can think of, artificial intelligence is now well within our grasp.

Siri from the Apple I phone is a great example of an artificial intelligence app and I use the App everyday to save time. Remember Time=Money, So thank you Siri- for saving me money, even if you gave me the wrong directions to IKEA last week, I still like you.

So what is the Artificial Intelligence APP? And why did I write a review on it?

Well honest truth be told, I signed up to the AI APP yesterday. I could not miss out on an opportunity on such a high production product.  A lot of money was clearly put into this project and I know a thing or two about scams online- just check out this list of scams, so I have decided I will be testing the Artificial Intelligence App for myself. So far so good;) If it doesn’t work ill let ya’ll know about it.

I woke up this morning expecting to see a million dollars in my account but no, haven’t made a million yet but I certainty haven’t lost money with the AI APP either.  If the AI APP works really well for me I’ll be able to buy that green and gold helicopter a lot sooner than expected. By the way, before you get your hopes up- You have probably missed out on your chance to sign up to the Artificial intelligence app- Only 100 spots were available,  I just told a few close friends about it before I launched this review (can’t have everyone running around with helicopters and private yachts) If diamonds were as common as coal they would be worthless.  Its a real matter of international security, you see -It would imbalance the worlds economies and turn peoples hard earned cash into monopoly money.

The AI APP would have to be developed by none other than a former rocket scientist and mathematician who is famous for his research into Artificial Intelligence- Dr. John Clark. Dr Clark has this to say on the release of his Artificial intelligence APP “When you make big money there’s a spotlight on you and for years the power establishment have been trying to destroy my credibility. ”  Which is quite similar to what happened to Nikola Tesla the Serbian American inventor.

The AI APP or Artificial Intelligence  app is definitely something different,  with a fresh new approach to trading- I look forward to seeing how well this Advanced Artificial Intelligence App trades on my newly opened Binary Option Account. I am a professional binary option trader and I will be able to tell very quickly if the AI APP is a profitable service, Like I said before-there is very little chance that the AIAPP still available so there’s no point for me to provide you with a link but I will anyway so you can watch the video because its a mental adrenaline rush!

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Predator or Prey. Which are you?‏

After a while hanging around the Binary Options market and the people it attracts you see two distinct types of people emerge.

You have the predator and you have the prey.

The predators are the guys who commit to a proven system and don’t give up after a few loses.

These guys learn from their mistakes, refine their approach and keep their eye on the prize.

These guys are hunting out profits daily.

Just like an experienced hunter in the African jungle, they  . . .

Choose their spot.

Choose their target.

Adjust for the wind and other outside influences.  

Line up their target.

And . . . when the time is right . . . they EXECUTE.

Do they get a direct hit every time?

No they don’t, but that doesn’t matter. They score a hit enough times to be considered the predator and not the prey.

Who are the prey?

These are the traders who are taking trades on hunches.

Jumping between systems and methods.

Letting emotions rule their analytical process.

The markets will chew these guys up like a lion on a gazelle.

Which one are you?

Which would you like to be?

I’m here to help if you need me.

Happy Trading

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How to never loose another trade

I’m going to keep it short and to the point today . . .

You want to know how to never lose another trade?

Simple  . . . give up!

I hate to say it, but there’s no system out there offering a perfect hit rate.

And if you see one?
Run for the hills because it’s a scam all neatly packaged up.
Losing is part of the game.

It’s something you get used to over time.  

Something that doesn’t bother you if you have true belief in your trading strategy.

Have you taken any big losses recently?

If so, don’t let them worry you.

Just make sure you understand WHY those losses occurred.

Make sure you adjust your strategy to account for this new information.

And if you don’t have a winning strategy?

You know where I am . . .

I’m here if you need me 

Sure I have losing trades. It happens to the best of us.

But . . . at the end of the month I’m always up.

You can be too.
Happy Trading
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Struggling with trading?

I often get emails from traders who are struggling.

They come across me on the web and email me asking for advice.

Sometimes they’re making huge losses and sometimes they’re breaking even.

Either way, there’s no real profit in sight.

This post is aimed at the guys who are breaking even.

There are some traders out there who “get it.”

By that, I mean they’ve learned everything about their chosen style of trading.

They have a system to follow.

They’re being disciplined and doing their analysis fully.

But . . .

For some reason they’re only breaking even.

Well, the chances are good that it’s a case of over-trading.

If you’re breaking even then you must be doing something right.

In fact, you’re probably just a few small tweaks away from success.

Let’s face it . . .

Nobody wants to spend a load of time doing technical analysis only to decide that the set ups aren’t there and they have to call it a ‘no-trade’ day.

That feels like wasted work.

We WANT to trade.

Even the most disciplined trader wants to trade.

But . . .

If you have a good strategy AND you’re still only breaking even . . . it’s likely you are finding trades where the set ups are less than perfect.

The solution?

Try only taking trades where the set ups are drop-dead stupid obvious.

By that I mean, where the set ups look so good you’re literally salivating as you check your various confirmations.

In fact, make a check list of what elements need to be present before you enter a trade.

Try it out for a while, record the results and see what happens.

I’m betting that you’ll increase your wins and cut your losses.


Because that’s how I’ve been successful at trading.

The market ALONE dictates my decisions.

If you want to see my strategy in action, you know where to look.

Happy Trading.

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Can you make a living from trading?

A subscriber asks:

“Is it possible to make a living from trading?”


This is a question I get quite often . . . here’s my response:


Yes it is possible, but this is not what you should set out to achieve straight off the bat.


The key to becoming a full time trader is patience and emotionless trading, so start out by aiming to make a small profit.


That is all.


Just a small profit from month to month, trading amounts that you can afford to lose.


By trying to make a living you are going to be pushing your finances to the limit and this is when emotion creeps in and destroys your ability to think clearly.


You see, trading should be reasoned investment. Emotionless.


If you have too much emotion tied up in the trades it becomes very difficult not to adopt a gambling mentality (staying in a trade that you should have exited because you want to make more money, doubling up to recoup losses, etc.)


It is best to imagine yourself employed to look after this money. You get no bonuses on profit but you could lose your job if you lose money. Then you will take quicker profits.

In the long term, after you have been successful at this for a while your trading fund will be considerably larger than when you started and you can think about taking bigger risks and bigger profits.


It all has to happen one step at a time.


I can’t promise it’ll all be plain sailing, but through education you can become successful and its a system  that  is PROVEN to work.

trading education.

Eventually, You will get  where you need to be.

“If you take enough steps, in the end you’ll make it.”- Børge Ousland (while trekking to the north pole)

I am here to help, I can only do my best to help people achieve the  goals they set for themselves, I try keep it simple as possible.

trading education-quotes-albert-einstein

I want to help you become a successful trader, but you have to make the first move.

You know where to find me.


Trading Observations

I have an observation for you . . .
trading observation

Sometimes I get emails from people who are drawn to trading because they need a way out.

They’re attracted to it because they either hate their day job or need money or just want an easier life.

These people do succeed sometimes . . .

But most often they find it hard to stay on track.

Their journey is usually derailed before they reach their end goals.


Their desperate need to achieve the end result clouds their judgement.

It makes them jump from strategy to strategy.

These traders succumb more easily to the lure of easier/more profitable methods that ultimately pull them further and further off course when they don’t work out.

But trust me on this . . . .

Short cuts are the enemy!  

The traders who always seem to do really well are the ones who love it.

That’s right, the traders who actually enjoy the process of trading.

They enjoy learning about the markets.

They enjoy performing technical analysis.

Sure, they have bad days.

Sometimes they have REALLY bad days!

But overall there is something in them that LOVES being in the markets.

It’s in their blood.

And this is why they ALWAYS rise to the top.

I can usually spot these traders a mile away.

They tend to be the ones who work hard and long for the results they desire.

Essentially, they’re like me.

They love learning, reading the market and honing their skills.

Which camp do you fall into?

Are you here just for the cash?

Or are you here to make the markets your own personal playground?

If you’re here just for the cash I recommend you try to adjust your attitude a little.

When your focus is the almighty dollar, you can end up losing the game.

Your focus shouldn’t be money, it should be to become the best trader you can possibly be.  

The money flows AFTER that.   

Make sense?      

And as always . . . I’m here to help you become a better trader (if you need me?).

#Thanks for tuning in.
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Imagine a future where . . . You live in the house of your dreams. You dine at the best restaurants in town. You take long expensive luxurious holidays. Your family’s future is financially secure and you certainly don’t need to waste your time with a 9-5 job because money is abundant. Does that sound good?


Well trading can give you all this and more, but it doesn’t come easily. Yes, I hate to say it, but if you sincerely want to “make it” in the world of trading then you will have to learn to think and act like a professional trader. There’s really no other way around it. I know the sales pages of those robots scams, trade copiers and magical indicators are tempting but let’s just get real for a moment. The vast majority of the successful traders I’ve met did it by learning how to read the markets.

They learned how to interpret price action. They had a plan (a trading edge) that worked and they stuck to it until they got the results they desired.
I trade when I have a high probability of winning and I sit back and watch the market when the probability does not fall in my favour. I treat every trade like my life depends on it. I am not a gambler. The markets are not my casino. This is my business. Risks are calculated and managed. Discipline is required. I know that becoming wildly successful at anything isn’t necessarily easy, but it is worth it.


Still interested in Trading software?

If you are interested in trading software -there is one product that I will endorse and that is Semi Auto Signals



Semi Auto Signals is a high performing signal service and offers an accuracy of rate of 72% . Used Correctly Semi Auto Signals can generate an even higher ITM rate and it is certainty easy to maximize your profitability with this trend indicator. Semi Auto Signals  has grown in popularity very quickly as it offers traders one of a kind semi automated trading analysis that does not force traders into positions without their approval. Semi Auto Signals supplies a multitude of signals  and fully user custom trading amounts for multiple assets in Real Time time with exceptionally high accuracy.




How to use Semi Auto Signals to generate 92%+ ITM


There are a few things to consider while trading with Semi Auto Signals if you are wanting to optimise the software and filter out the signals that have a lower probability of being profitable.

1. News releases- always check the latest news releases on either or on the economic calender which can be accessed via my RESOURCES page here.

2. A.D.R- Average daily range- which is the average amount of points/pips the market moves on a daily basis. (in order to calculate whether or not the market has room to move up or down)

3. A.T.R- Average true range- which is calculated by assessing how much the market has moved in the last 4-5 hours (in order to give an idea of how much the market will move in the next couple of hours)

4. Swing symmetry- swing symmetry is basically the amount of pips/points the market moved during its most recent swing,( most recent high-most recent low) this will also give you a general idea of what sort of time frame you should be trading in.

5. Trade between 5;45 am-7;45 am EST or 9;45 am-11;45 am GMT- this is the time when the markets tend to behave in their most Uniform nature, therefore they are more predictable. Look for western chart patterns such as ascending triangles/descending triangles to position yourself correctly into a trade.



Interested to know more about these trading terms and how to trade profitably using SemiAutoSignals?

Stay tuned by subscribing to my blog, I will be reviewing SemiAutoSignals in greater detail and explaining the techniques used for analysis of the market  as well as going into more detail about the terms

A.D.R (average daily range)

Swing Symmetry

 A.T.R (average true range)- 

Subscribe today and find out how you can use this information to better your trading!


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Double Profit Tutorial

Double Profit Method.

In order to maximize your profitability with binary options, it is important to capitalize on the right market conditions. Here I would like to demonstrate a simple strategy that minimizes risk and maximizes profitability.

(If you are not familiar with option trading I suggest you first check out Option trading Explained)

The concept is quite simple, Markets move up and down- in other words-they fluctuate. To double your profits you will need to take advantage of the swings of the markets.

As you can see in the image below the price history (green and red audnzd2bars in the top section) has travelled upwards for a period of time, so when my indicators begin to signal a reversal,  (see the green arrows) I place a PUT trade with an expiry up to 1 hour (shown by the vertical white line) The horizontal white line indicates the level at which I placed the trade, which was @ 1.11031  . So what I’m predicting is that at the time of expiry (vertical while line) the price will be below the level 1.11031

The image below is  sightly more zoomed in to give you a clearer idea of what is occurring.




In this image (above) you can see the price level has increased past my trade level of 1.11031 and is at now @ 1.11041 and I am now out of the money and the fear of loss is upon me.  As I keep my emotions stable I refer to my indicators which indicate a downward move soon so I am  relaxed and ready to place a CALL trade when the market reaches a lower level than 1.11031 in order to protect my initial investment.


As you can see in the image above that the price did in fact move downward below my trade level of 1.11031 and I have now placed a CALL trade @ 1.11000 ( shown by the second lower horizontal white line) using the same expiry time (vertical white line) , The first prediction is saying the price level  will go down (below 1.11031) , and the second prediction is saying the price level will go up (above 1.11000)


As you can see, in either case I will win one of the trades.  If the price level goes down I win on my first trade. If the price level goes up- I win on my second trade- minimizing risk.  If the price level expires between 1.11031 and 1.11000 I will win both of the trades, doubling my profit.  Lets see how it plays out in the following images.




UH OH! my first trade is out of the money. dontpanic-marvin-ltr1


In this image it looks as if I am going to loose my first trade predicting it will expire below 1.11031, my emotions are stable and I notice the indicators signalling a downward move is about to occur .


looking good…


hold…………. hold……………………..HOLD!!!


BA-BOOOOOOOOOM!! both trades expire IN THE MONEY  @1.11013 which is below my PUT of 1.11031 and above my CALL of 1.11000  so I bank myself double profit, rinse and repeat.

Interested in seeing more trades of mine, check out my Recent Trades

This was traded using the  Double profit strategy.

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